• Smith Management Group, LLC

  • Did you know?

    • You can't park in your front yard
    • Your grass can't be over 8 inches tall
    • Rubbish accumulation in your yard is not allowed
    • Your trash cans must be removed from the curb and away from public view by 11pm on your day of pick up.
    • It's your responsibility to keep the sidewalk, curb, & gutter around your property clear of weeds and noxious growth.
    • The siding on your house and/or garage must be kept clean; no mold or mildew can be visible.
    • You can't leave inside furniture outside your house, or on your porch.
    • No inoperable and/or unregistered vehicles are allowed to be parked in your driveway or on city streets.







    Images courtesy of Stuart Miles, supakitmod at FreeDigitalPhotos.net